Can I select Safe Drop for my delivery

Safe drop is an option provided by Australia Post in your MyPost account that allows you to receive deliveries at home, even when a signature is required on delivery.

You can find out more about this delivery option here.

It is our strong preference that you sign for your parcel to ensure it is received safely as we don’t like missing parcels.

We don’t accept liability for parcels that go missing after being delivered to your address where Safe drop (or Authority to Leave) has been selected. That’s why we recommend Signature on Delivery (our default option) as that’s the only way to ensure you will receive your parcel and it won’t go missing.

As an alternative, we recommend another delivery address, such as a business address to ensure the parcel arrives safely at its destination.

Australia Post as a matter of policy will take a photo of the location where the parcel is dropped to prove delivery has occurred. It’s unfortunate but sometimes we have to deal with scammers as well :( 

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