How much is shipping in Australia?

Yes, we have had to change our pricing structure for shipping as we ensure that we can get our products to you as quickly and safely as possible.

We have two shipping options being:

Standard Shipping

Our standard shipping is parcel mail with tracking for anyone with an Australian delivery address. All standard shipping is processed by Australia Post’s premium E-parcel service.

Standard Shipping Pricing
For orders over $45 Free eParcel Shipping
For orders at or under $45 $7 Shipping per order

Want to understand why we have introduced a shipping charge for small orders? 

It comes down to replacement orders and customer satisfaction. To date, we have been sending small parcels by Australia Post’s standard mail service however as 1 in every 10 items mailed were going missing, we couldn’t justify continuing to replace lost orders and having unhappy customers. 

Especially when these orders couldn’t be tracked and we couldn’t communicate in a way we would like to you, our customers! A change was needed for the better to make everyone happier :) 

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