I have an allergy to an ingredient in one of your products?

Allergies are a pain in the butt. We know as guys in the team have them as well. That’s why it’s super important to look at all the ingredients for each product to ensure that they are right for you.

You will see on every product page the following breakdown of the allergens in each product. 


As an example, we’re using the allergen statement for our Savoury Muffin Mix and under Ingredients, you will find the following disclosure.


May contain pieces of other nuts.

This disclosure across all our products is exactly the same as on our packaging and compliant with the standards set under Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

As we disclose all our allergens across all products both on our packaging and our website, we cannot refund or exchange products if they are not right for you.

What we recommend is to make amazing healthy baked goodies for family and friends to bring them on the health journey you are already on :) 

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