What is the difference between Net carbs vs Total Carbs?

In Australia & New Zealand, the Total Carbohydrates value in the Nutrition Information Panel excludes Fibre. So you don’t need to deduct the fibre (or anything!) from the Carbohydrate total. This is also known as Net Carbs in the USA.

For example, if a label says: 

Carbohydrates 5g of net carbs
of which Sugars 2 g
Dietary Fibre 4 g

The total carbs listed on the label is the available carbs which is the 5g and this is the value to include in your daily carb count (if tracking macro's). This figure does not include the fibre of 4 g.

The fibre content listed on all Nutrition Information Panels (NIP) in Australia and New Zealand (including our Nutrition panel) under Dietary Fibre is a combination of Insoluble Fibre and Soluble Fibre. 

For more information on Net carbs vs Total Carbs, check out our blog - https://lovepbco.com/net-carbs-and-total-carbs/

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