Protein Bread Mix - Can I use a bread maker?

Our bread mix has been designed and turns out best when baked in the oven in a loaf tin (approx 20cm by 9cm). The reason we have done this is it sticks to our simple cooking method of mix, pour, bake and keeps our products accessible for those that don't own a bread maker. :)

Some customers have used bread makers to bake a Protein Bread Loaf and we have received mixed feedback. Some say it works out fine and others have said it doesn't. Brands tend to vary.

The feedback we received from one customer was to combine the mix first before putting it into the machine and select the yeast free/gluten free baking setting. Unfortunately, she didn't state which brand she used. 

Please note, we have not tested the Protein Bread Loaf in a bread maker so can make no guarantees that it will work :) 

if you have an oven, here is a clip showing just how easy it is to bake:

Happy baking :)

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