Does your nutrition panel (macro's) include the eggs and milk?


It really helps to know what you are eating and how it helps you achieve your nutrition goals.

That's why we go above and beyond what the Food Standards in Australia New Zealand ask for and break down our nutrition panel as follows:

Nutrients Quantity per serving Quantity per 100 g of finished product Quantity per 100 g of dry mix
This is the nutrient breakdown including protein, carbohydrates and fats  This is per serve of the product made as directed. This includes milk, eggs and other ingredients included in the recipe on the pouch. Although not compulsory, we have included this line as it helps many customers understand the % of proteins, carbs and fats they can include as part of their daily intake. We're proud of the nutrition of our products and how they help everyone achieve better health  This column really helps to show how amazing our products and ingredients are without anything else added :) So eat with confidence that you're helping power a better you!

When it comes to nutrition, we're proud of what we're giving to our community because its food we want to eat as well :)

Happy baking!

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