What are the benefits of your products?

Apart from being "Australia's healthiest baking mixes", we think that our products have many great benefits for so many people... 

So where does it start, our baking mixes were designed for those people that are looking for low carb and or high protein alternatives to everday baking products. Bread, pancakes, pizza, bananana bread, you name it, we have a better option option that you can eat everday :)

There are those that choose to reduce their carbohydrates - like fitness and health professionals watching their macro's - or the average person wanting to include healthier versions of “treat” foods like pizza or muffins.

There are also the customers that due to medical reasons i.e. Type 1 or 2 Diabetes, weight management or coeliacs may need to change their diet but still want to enjoy foods that they are unable to eat in their normal sugary and carbohydrate rich forms. 

Want to understand more about low carb diets and their benefits to support medical conditions, the CSIRO has done extensive research that you can read about here and we are proud that our products are suitable for consumers on a low carb diet :)

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